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Cor! Weren’t Jimmy Chanos right by half!!

It just don’t stop do it? I feel like a fraud… My name is not even actually Ashton. Ashton is my middle name. Ashton Kutcher On the 24th of July 2020, the FT ran one of their signature Lunch with the FT pieces where… Continue Reading “Cor! Weren’t Jimmy Chanos right by half!!”

Time for the little guy to partake!

Walk with giants! In the last decade, venture capital has finally become large enough as an asset class to drive demand for liquidity. That sounds like an incredibly boring way to begin a blog post but it’s surprisingly important, which is why we’ve decided… Continue Reading “Time for the little guy to partake!”

Greensill, Gupta, Trust & “skin in the game”

Another darling bites the dust A lot has been made about the reasons behind the collapse of Greensill: the withdrawal of trade credit insurance by Bond & Credit, too much exposure to the GFG Alliance, allegations of all sorts around loans made to key… Continue Reading “Greensill, Gupta, Trust & “skin in the game””

Everything is digital!

Tokenization-schmokenisation! Digitse – widgetize!…. What are we really on about? There was a very interesting piece on Coinbase by the ever incomparable, always cerebral, forever insightful Frances Coppola last year. It addressed the real world issues around digital coins, tokenising assets and the actual custody… Continue Reading “Everything is digital!”